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"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Monday, March 21, 2011

If you were in my shoes...

If you saw the things i did,
If you were kicked when you were down,
If all your life you were alone,
Then just maybe you'd leave me be.

I wish you could see my tears,
That i cry alone at night,
All because you called me those things,
Its all your fault you just didnt open your eyes.

I just want a friend,
A friend that will hold me while I cry,
That will pick me up when you hurt me,
Someone...Someone like me.

You DON'T know me,
You will NEVER understand me,
You're too stuck up and STUPID,
You;re so self centered !!!!

...go away,
just leave me alone.

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