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"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Saturday, August 21, 2010



It's a teenage war out here,
You fight to stay alone,
You fight to stay cool,
No matter what you're fighting for something.

I'm fighting to be alone,
I don't need little bitches following me around,
I dont need boys all over,
I hate this.

This life we are forced to live,
You people don't see shit,
She maybe pretty and the coolest girl ever,
But she could be so uncomfortable in her own skin.

He's the biggest dick this world has ever seen,
But really it's what lye underneath that makes him this way,
People picking on him,
Parents fighting.

You people have no soul,
No heart,
Cause not one of you see's that everybody is alone.

I wrote this poem cause me as a 14 year old girl know how hard it is to seem like you're just like everybody else. We all judge by how people act or look but really we are never looking at the real person just the puppet that faces us everyday. Take the time to step out of your stupid little fucking bubble and let others in and see you and find out who they are. Like really! Everybody now a day's in high schools are fucking bitches or dicks! Get real people this world doesn't belong to just you! Grow up.

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