And I Quote:

"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Realized...

When people you care for leave you,
Alot comes into play,
complete saddness,
You even loss yourself.

I do hate you,
I was sad,
But I found myself.

You pushed me down,
And I got right back up,
Showed you what your dealing with,
And left.

I think everybody is right,
I'm to good for you,
I do what I'm told,
I never lie when dating.

And you,
You tried to change everything about me,
Sadly I did change for you,
Cause I didn't want to lose you.

I realize now,
Lossing you,
Was the greatest thing ever.


When you asked me out,
The world seemed perfect,
When you kissed me for the first time,
Time it's self stood still,
When the walls came crashing down,
So did I,
You gave me the wrong good-bye,
When the walls stood strong,
I stood weak,
But once I realized,
You were dead to me,
You alway's had been,
I had been a fool,
A fool to let you in,
I grow strong,
I moved on,
From you,
From your lies,
From your games you played with my heart,
From your nasty cold grib,
And now,
Now i hope you die,
Just as I did,
The day you said good-bye,
Now I say good-bye,
Good-bye to you,
And the beating thing in your chest you sadly call a heart.

Hugging My Knees

After all you did,
To me,
I thought,
I could just leave,
Leave everything we had been behind.

But when i heard you asked her out,
I don't what,
But something died even more,
I don't like this,
This pain eating at me.

But the idea of someother girl,
Sharing momments with you,
Like the ones we had,
I don't think I could handle that.

I want you out,
Out of my heart,
Out of my mind,
Out of my life.

What do I care if you hate me,
What do I care if call and tell me you love me,
It doesn't matter anymore,
And I know that you don't.

That you don't care,
I sit alone at night hugging my knees,
As tears roll down my face,
That you don't care,If i died tonight

.I don't like you,
I don't love you,
I don't want you,
I don't need you,
I don't believe,
I don't feel,
I do live in a shell,Thanks to you.