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"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Monday, May 3, 2010


Your sitting at your desk or on your bed reading this right now, and your probly think ok cool whatever or why wont this bitch shut up. well i already told you why, and i know a few of you reading this are probly total outcast but dont worry i'd like to think i am to :) but see the thing is about me everybody in my school knows me and likes me one way or another but i hang out the cool people-the losers- but in my eyes they are the coolest crowd of gals n guys i know, and its better to be a total outcast cause then your not freaking out about what you look like what your wearing or how you act, my boyfriend is a jock i will say that but he is one of the most lyed back kind of jocks i know, and to me jocks are stuck up jackasses who think that the only thing that matters about their girlfriends are big are her knockers 2 how tight is her ass far will she let me go, god i hate boys sometimes, but you know i dont hate all those little preps ot there cause some of them arent that bad but some of them are type i just wanna turn around tell them to fuck off and leave. But this blog isn't about it's about you, jock, prep, or total outcast-if your a total outcast you are now one of my new best friends :) oh yes i did!- everybody has there own way of showing who they are...i just hope your the one who stands up and says something ever once in awhile when you know its the time to...

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