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"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You said it your thought you loved me.

She sits alone in her room on the edge of her bed,
the moonlight shinning down on her making her tears shine as the rolled down her cheeks,
her phones light just skimming her hair,
her eyes stuck on his words,
I Thought I Loved You But...Now I Know I Don't So It's Over I'm Sorry,
Dieing inch by inch as every second ticked away,
she'd given everything to this boy.

She walk down the school halls,
her messy hair covering her eyes,
her once full of joy blue eyes,
but now dull as the gray rained out sky,
he walks past her she stop and thinks to her self "he played me...he played me...he pleay me",
he stopped in front of her and handed her a folded up note,

She lye on her bed playing through the day,
she remembers the note in her back pocket,
she sits up unfolding the note,
it read Do you remember the story i told you about the boy and girl...the one i saw all over facebook and stuff...well if you dont here it is again
"the girl asks her boyfriend 'do you think im pretty'
the boy replys 'no'
the girl asked 'do you want me'
yet again the boy replied 'no'
the girl asked one more thing 'do you like me'
the boy looked at her and said 'no'
the girl had heard enough and started to walk away until he yelled 'wait'
she turhed with tears rolling down her face
' i dont think your pretty i think your beautiful, i dont want you i need you, and i dont like you i love you'
the girl stood in silcne as he moved towards her..."
and thats all i can remember really thats all i think is there...and after all he did to her he fixed it and she gave him another chance...and i was hoping you could give me another chance..

The girl walked into schoo lthat day smiling,
her blue eyes were as blue as the sky,
her hair perfectly brushed and left to lye on her shoulders,
she walked right up to him and passed him the note turning away and walknig to her locker,
she let out a sigh and mummbled under her breath "you played me...and im happy your gone",
that night the boy opened the letter to see a thin line of writing,
You told me you thought you loved me but you were wrong and now you want me back well let me tell you i know i loved you but nowi dont you shattered my heart and now im free from your cold and rude grib so now i say my fair wells to you cause liek you said i thought i loved you...,
he fell back onto his bed wishing he never cheated on her or used her,
she was the greatest thing that had happened to him.

that night the girl turned her phone off put it on her side table,
picked up her bag,
and walked out the front door of her house never looking back once,
all because a boy broke her heart.

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