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Monday, May 3, 2010

Follower and Leaders

Today i was walking ni the halls with my gal pals-yes i say stuff like "gal pals"-and it hit me, in this world there are really only two types of people you have your follwers and your leaders. i for one am not a follower i am a leader, i show teenages in my class it doesnt matter who you are it just matter's that you show your true colours in your own ways, i'm the girl you'll find wearing purple skinnies and a blue shirt-that almost goes down to my knees and is a good type of tight- with a blue, pink, purple, and black belt over top of that blue shirt. and some of my friends i will say are followers and some of the people i know are followers like really...just cause its "in style" you have to get it like com on girls/guys its your life and its either you take control now or get ready to let someone else get in the front seat of your car and take you where they want to go even if thats not what you wanted...lifes a bitch and if you dont start fighting for your right ot be you now...then i guess your fucked.

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