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"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All The Same

No offense to the guys out there but...this is just so true to most of you.

You can sit there and tell your self that no body knows him liek you that he is so different but thats only cause your dating him the momment you two are no longer together he see's you differently treats you differently and you...your left alone hurt and with more then half of your friends staring down on you telling you i told you so. guys are all the same inside and outside, we girls always get hurt, we cry night after night and the guys just dont get it! Guy why can't you see we cry cause we loved you or still do and you broke our hearts and all we ask is to be a friend to us...dont treat us like dirty dont just be like "ok then" when we tell you how we feel for you open your eyes and see we only do it cause are biggest fear came true...we lost you...god guys just dont get it and never will...

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