And I Quote:

"In a manner of speaking I just want to say that i could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing"-Tuxedomoon

Friday, April 8, 2011

You not Her

A girl lost in time,
Faith that wont give,
Hope that wont be silented,
You cant keep her down,
She's stronger then you,
She can hold her breath,
Say all nice things,
And fight you with a smile,
You can't beat her,
You wont win this war,
You will never break her,
Then only person you're gonna break,
Is you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

If you were in my shoes...

If you saw the things i did,
If you were kicked when you were down,
If all your life you were alone,
Then just maybe you'd leave me be.

I wish you could see my tears,
That i cry alone at night,
All because you called me those things,
Its all your fault you just didnt open your eyes.

I just want a friend,
A friend that will hold me while I cry,
That will pick me up when you hurt me,
Someone...Someone like me.

You DON'T know me,
You will NEVER understand me,
You're too stuck up and STUPID,
You;re so self centered !!!!

...go away,
just leave me alone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pointless Things.

Why are you fighting to get a new pair of shoes, when you could give money to the poor. Why are you wasting your time just sitting around doing nothing, when people out there need you. Gays can't marry, you don't care. People are dying cause they really can't do shit about it, and you dont care. Like really and people say I'm full of myself, now I know not everybody reading this is um...well you know. But really we may be young but if we speak up then people older will say something. Come on guys, we talk and talk about changing shit around here, do we? NO! Why cause it's not worth our time. And girls think the have to be this to be that, people are lossing loved ones, and you don't care...god! Come on guys says something and say it loud!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Things You Didn't Hear...

...I'd fall so easily for you.
...So badly I can't even feel the cut.
...To make him mine.
...You don't care for me, you don't miss me, I'm not what you want,She's already your's, I can't feel your touch like she does, I can't be the one girl you think of 24/7, I don't feel good enough for you, I feel as though I've been left in the dark, I crave your everything from a smile to a smirk, How i'm out of line in so many ways, How you'll never be mine.
...Your smile, Your eyes, Your laugh, Your touch, The way you use to hug me, The way you bug me, The way you're always on my mind, How I miss you, How I care for you, The way you look at her and how badly I wanna be her.
...I could be the girl you hold close.
...A time where you and I are an us.
...Didn't I tell you first.
...Could you do this to me.
...Are you really.
...Will we be.
...Is the point of me trying you'll never care.
...Will I go without you, you are my EVERYTHING why wont you hear me.
...You are reasons you will never know all just because you dont listen to me.
...Alone so the scars can stay closed.
...The only one I trust with my life.
...All I really want is you.
...I live up to the type of girl you want.
...Be the one you want!!! She's a self centered bitch!
...Are so much more, so much more I'll never have.
...Should give up here and shut my mouth.
...For the truth I know that now.
...The simple smiles you get when you see ME!
...All to broken for his own good.
...So sad and broken seem to speek all to well for me.
...Thats all because you won't listen to me.
...To die in peace but really, where is the peace in this.
...From your lies and games.
...Can't live without you but I cant live with you.
...Is there and its not going away so its time to stand up and walk away from you.

Things Left Un-said

Who knew...
You hurt me...
Dear dairy I'm to late...
Life could have been...
10 things I hate about myself...
10 things I like about you...
Oh how I wish...
Will there ever be...
Why I cry for...
Reasons better left...
Tear from me to...
Lies from me to myself cause...
How can I...
How can she...
But you...
Nothing to say but I...
To soon for...
Speechless from...
Touched and hurt by and angel thats...
Songs that are...
Things unfinshed but...
Left alone to...
Here dying from...
There I told you I...
Still the pain is...


Saturday, August 21, 2010



It's a teenage war out here,
You fight to stay alone,
You fight to stay cool,
No matter what you're fighting for something.

I'm fighting to be alone,
I don't need little bitches following me around,
I dont need boys all over,
I hate this.

This life we are forced to live,
You people don't see shit,
She maybe pretty and the coolest girl ever,
But she could be so uncomfortable in her own skin.

He's the biggest dick this world has ever seen,
But really it's what lye underneath that makes him this way,
People picking on him,
Parents fighting.

You people have no soul,
No heart,
Cause not one of you see's that everybody is alone.

I wrote this poem cause me as a 14 year old girl know how hard it is to seem like you're just like everybody else. We all judge by how people act or look but really we are never looking at the real person just the puppet that faces us everyday. Take the time to step out of your stupid little fucking bubble and let others in and see you and find out who they are. Like really! Everybody now a day's in high schools are fucking bitches or dicks! Get real people this world doesn't belong to just you! Grow up.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Realized...

When people you care for leave you,
Alot comes into play,
complete saddness,
You even loss yourself.

I do hate you,
I was sad,
But I found myself.

You pushed me down,
And I got right back up,
Showed you what your dealing with,
And left.

I think everybody is right,
I'm to good for you,
I do what I'm told,
I never lie when dating.

And you,
You tried to change everything about me,
Sadly I did change for you,
Cause I didn't want to lose you.

I realize now,
Lossing you,
Was the greatest thing ever.